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Handy insider decries loss of client-customer interaction

Former contractor shines light on the underbelly of the “sharing community”

How the changes to Angie’s List will affect your cleaning business

Tech giant to introduce 3 levels of membership and a significant change in how ads will display

Finnish cleaning startup Freska buys Norway’s Wipe

European on-demand cleaning companies continue to consolidate

"Ethically Dubious" practices spelled out in writer's critique of Handy

Road to success for tech startup allegedly littered with greed, deception, racism

How to go paperless with your field technicians

6 decisions, 3 free apps, and 1 critical purchase that will save you money and make your transition to mobile devices smooth

The new cord-cutters: executives ditch landlines for internet telephony

Requiring zero infrastructure, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, takes advantage of cloud technology to be highly flexible and quickly scalable in addition to more economical.

Airbnb to require use of union-member cleaning services in NYC

If a deal is struck, only SEIU union-member cleaning services will be able to clean for Airbnb hosts in New York City.

New competition from robotic floor mops

A new line of robotic mops complements the existing robotic sweepers.

2 On-Demand Maid Services Let Customers Choose Their Cleaner

German-based Helpling and US-based HomeAGlow advance their app-based maid service shopping to include maid reviews and customer selection features.

Angie's List and Facebook Expand Marketplace Features to Include Lead Generation

AL announced the beta launch of LeadFeed in late 2015; FB launches Facebook Services

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