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Google, Amazon, Homejoy and Customer Service in the Dog Days of Summer

The start of the school year, the demise of Homejoy and the entrance of Amazon and Google into on-demand home services make Autumn 2015 the perfect time to focus on customer service.

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Provide Better Service

Using technology frees up time to focus on real customer relationships and employee engagement.

How Much Would You Pay for a Clean Public Bathroom?

New app "Looie" gets you to a clean, private bathroom...for $25/mo.

How to Foil a Facebook Hack

Need a procedure for handling a computer hack or other malfunction? Here’s a free one for you!

5 Ways to Win the Game of Reviews

Cleaning up your customer service and your quality procedures are key to getting great reviews online – and upgrading the not-so-good ones.

Consumer Demand Drives the Evolution of On-demand Home Cleaning Services

As Homejoy fades, Google ramps up development of its on-demand home services platform – a new competitor to independent cleaning businesses. Is NOT the Biggest On-Demand Threat to Cleaning Services

Helpling and join forces to form the world’s biggest home-cleaning marketplace.

6 Processes Your Cleaning Business Should Automate This Summer

For a first foray into technology-supported automation, these common processes in a cleaning business are a great place to start.

Get Ready for the LVTs

LVT floors are the result of high-tech innovations developed in the late 1990s. They were officially introduced in October 2006 by different manufacturers.

Growing with Technology: From Ledger Books to Online Bookkeeping

Adopting a tech-based solution for your business doesn’t mean you have to abandon your back-ups.

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