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Top 15 Stories of CBT’s Third Year

Top 15 Stories of CBT’s Third Year

Even as we’re planning articles more than halfway through our fourth year, we reflect on the new shape of the cleaning industry in the past year.

Janitors Win Travel Time and Meal Break Lawsuit

Janitors Win Travel Time and Meal Break Lawsuit

Cleaning company ordered to pay $425,000 in missing travel time and other time and wage violations

"Acheiving Excellence in Cleaning Management Training" Program Made Available to All

Celebrate Earth Day 2016 with a free management training seminar at Consolidated Chemical Works.

Employee Drug Policies Continue to Exclude Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana Use

Despite legalization, marijuana smoking and influence remains a banned practice at work.

Training Wage Introduced for Younger Workers in Michigan

Michigan lawmakers debate the benefits of a lower entry-level wage for workers under 20.

Motivating Employees with School Tuition and Flexible Schedules

Paula Dills-Friedrich's education program promotes employee success while building company culture.

The "Sniff Test" When It Comes to Independent Contractors

New NLRB rules may have muddied the waters about who is or isn't an independent contractor.

Using Telehealth to Curb Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs

Businesses can take advantage of telehealth services to mitigate the rapid rise in health insurance compliance costs.

National Labor Group Calls for Equal Benefits for W2 and 1099 Workers

The National Employment Law Project asserts that policymakers should make portable benefits required for all companies.

Battling the 3 Causes of Miserable Employees

Join Martha Woodward at the ARCSI Convention for her 2-part class on spotting and eradicating employee misery with an employee engagement program with meaning, caring, and value.

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