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Cintas Offers 3 Cleaning Tips for a Healthy School Year

A clean and healthy school can reduce student absenteeism, enhance learning environment

CleanCore Becomes Training Supporter for Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools

Professional cleaning is all about metrics, which can help evaluate cleaning and cleaning procedures

The Anatomy of an Automatic Scrubber

Critical to enhancing the life span and minimizing down time when using an automatic scrubber is simply having a basic knowledge of the machine's operating system.

Considering the Customer When Bidding on Floorcare Work

This month's Powr-Flite Floorcare Troubleshooter identifies some of the different types of customers cleaning contractors might encounter when formulating bids for restorative floorcare.

Addressing the Missing Component in American Schools: Cleaning

Creating clean and healthy learning environments for students and staff is a necessary first step to giving our children a world-class education.

3 Things to Make School Floors Last Longer

Learning to do more with less when it comes to school floor care.

Being Green Means Knowing Your Chemical Footprint

"Chemical Footprint Project" takes first steps toward a new international consensus with leading companies and investors.

10 Tips on Safe Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing can be complicated and many cleaning professionals overlook the fact that it can also be dangerous.

Protect Outdoor Workers with OSHA Heat Safety Tool

Prevent heat-related illness with this free app.

Cintas Crowns 2015 Janitor of the Year

Cintas Crowns 2015 Janitor of the Year

Housekeeper Sherry Albright faces challenges with a smile at Trine University

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