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The “Almost Perfect” Vacuum: Top Recommended Vacuums for Residential Cleaning Services

Solve your vacuum conundrum with these guidelines about uprights, canisters, backpacks and handheld models, PLUS download the 2014 Report on Professional Vacuums for Residential Cleaning Services.

The Intersection of Client and Technician: Annual Software & User Experience Survey

From new mobile options to the addition of sales and marketing functions, new scheduling and user experience solutions are on the rise.

Cleaners Corner: Microfiber Use and Care Best Practices

Keep your microfiber investment alive for up to five years by asking some key questions before you purchase and using an effective and consistent laundering rotation.

Backstabbers: The Risk of Training Your Competition

When a former employee steals your clients, even with a non-compete agreement it’s hard to prove they have broken the law.

KPI: How Much of Your Cleaning Fee Ends Up in Your Techs' Paychecks?

KPI: Direct Labor as a Percent to Sales

Eight Steps to Employ the Right Person Legally

Eight steps to employ the right person legally

Midnight Adventures in Business Ownership

What one cleaning business owner had to do to learn his mail slot was compromising his office security.

Right or Successful?

Sometimes great service comes from not worrying about who is right or wrong.

Deep Dive: Dealing with Theft

Many cleaning companies are confronted with theft accusations. How these complex situations are handled can be crucial to ongoing success.

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