Whether you call it your “What We Do” list or you get technical with a Scope of Work, what’s on your base weekly cleaning task list for each client? Vote and see results immediately!

From “standard” tasks to specialty add-ons, the list of possible cleaning tasks can vary in length. That’s what creates variety and competition, and why it’s so hard for any cleaning business owner to give a simple answer.


So we at CBT are on a mission to discover – with your help – what’s really a standard weekly cleaning task and what’s really on the special services list.


Now we understand that “everything is up for negotiation,” and that anything can be added to that base list for the right price. But we’re after learning the things that are on your base list, your scope of work.


Our July survey is organized around the three major common areas seen in cleaning procedures:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • All Dry Rooms (living, dining, den, bedroom)

You’ll see a list of what we think are pretty common weekly cleaning tasks, but you can also add more and different ones for each kind of space.

Voting for the Weekly Cleaning Scope of Work closes July 25, 2015 at midnight EDT. We’ll report the results in August.