If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be prepared to start over or try something new. With many industries downsizing due to extensive economic pressure during the global pandemic, it’s right to step out and start determining your salary. A CLEAN start has never seemed so perfect as it does now.

Alex Lysak explores all the wonderful potential of starting small businesses that’s achievable and affordable. He shares his expert marketing tips on starting a cleaning business from home with his Scanteam crew, so they can help you get that dream of the floor.

When Should You Consider Starting A Cleaning Business?

It’s probably the most important question you’ll have to answer honestly before venturing into this industry.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and you have an affinity towards speckless surfaces, you should read on. After reading this article today, you’ll be in love with the idea of cleaning other people’s homes, or you’ll run for the hills and employ someone else to do it.

With just a little bit of patience and following these helpful tips, you won’t have to do the heavy lifting alone all the time. As with all new start-ups, you have to be willing to start small and work your way up to employing others to take over the physical duties.

Starting a house cleaning business is the fastest way to get going.

Although it seems like starting with an office block, or showroom, is better business, nothing is further from the truth.

With many large cleaning companies already available to corporates, it’ll be difficult to get in there, being the new kid on the block. It’s advisable to start small, especially if you don’t have a solid start-up bankroll.

If you’re willing to do most of the work yourself initially, and to adapt to certain client’s likes and dislikes, you’ll be a hit in no time. It may seem like a foreign concept, especially just to do house cleaning, but personalized service is really important.

If you think about it, your clients will allow you into their most private parts of their lives and homes. They will want to know if they can trust you before giving you a set of house keys.

On top of that, it’s an industry where word of mouth marketing is one of your best tools. So make full use of it when you start. Build a trusted relationship with clients who you’ve earmarked as your target market. Ensure you have a visible social media presence for quick referrals by word of mouth and your set to go.

How To Get Cleaning Business Signed Up

Social media is your best and most affordable marketing tool when starting a new or small business. It’s free to sign up and start promoting yourself in a specific area, and marketing costs on these platforms are very affordable.

Facebook Marketing

Everybody has Facebook. It’s one of the fastest ways to get your name recognized and onto your potential customer’s screen. Follow these easy steps and get going with targeted ads for your new services.

  • Register a ‘Business Page’ that’s linked to your FB account
  • Be specific in which services you offer. Consider creating ‘cleaning packages’
  • Decide on a weekly advertising budget and create an add on the business page. FB offers very low daily marketing fees, and you can decide and set parameters for the town, and age groups of consumers you want to market.
  • Activate the add and follow up quickly on any inquiries you might receive with a personal call back and quotation. You should follow up all questions the same day and send professionally typed quotes.

Instagram Marketing

If you aren’t camera shy, then this is the way to go. On Instagram, you can share excellent live videos, or you can live stream a chat. It’s a great platform for your potential clients to engage with you on a personal level. It’s an excellent tool to build up trust for your brand and to create high-quality marketing videos.

You can get creative on this platform with marketing videos. Have fun with it. You can even rope in your family to participate and use them as ‘actors’ in your videos. With a little bit of creativity, you can have fun while building your brand.

Tips On How To Run A House Cleaning Business

Okay. So you’ve run a marketing campaign, and your first customers start calling in. Here are some cleaning business tips for staying goal orientated and focused on delivering excellent service.

  1. Buy good quality cleaning products and equipment
  2. Allow enough time for every customer. Always do a needs assessment with your client before the first job starts and allow your customer to tell you exactly how they want the job done.
  3. Be honest. Always. If your client expects something from you that you can’t deliver – tell them so.
  4. Always follow up after a job. Create a customer feedback sheet that your customer can complete on your website, or leave one after completing the task, and ask them to email it to you.
  5. Manage your finances well. Decide on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly salary for yourself and take only that. Most small businesses with huge potential don’t make it because of this simple principle not being followed.


It has the potential to grow into a very successful small business enterprise. As long as you’re willing to follow tried and tested tips on becoming a professional cleaner, you can soon branch out and employ more staff to take on bigger contracts. Always allow your business to grow organically and remember to enjoy the journey.

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