Combine marketing and fun with social quizzes to engage your followers.

In one of my weekly Google Alert checks, I came across an online quiz that seems perfect for use by cleaning business owners: How Would a Housecleaning Service Help You? by

Imagine turning your FAQ page or some of your blog entries into a collection of quizzes that both educate and engage prospects with the idea that professional housecleaning can improve their lives in some material way.

If you take the one I found, you’ll learn your “clean personality.” It’s not unlike the quizzes that will tell you which Harry Potter character you are or what your X-Men mutant power should be based on some personality questions – and even encourages you to share your results on Facebook and Twitter.

After all, the social sharing is what makes the quiz popular – how it pops up in your followers’ friends’ feeds and gains you extended exposure.

And if you’re thinking “but I’m not an app designer,” never fear. The interweb abounds with more quiz-making apps than you can imagine. SAAS reviewer Matt Mansfield recommends Interact and Qzzr and compares the two programs feature by feature.

CBOs using Infusionsoft may want to sign up for a trial of the Beta app Fyrebox, which can be integrated using Zapier.

Derek Christian is the owner of My Maid Service with locations in Cincinnati, OH and Dallas, TX, as well as a business coach through Cleaning Business Builders and publisher of  Derek is now an investor in several cleaning companies including My Maid Service Dayton and Real World Services Columbus.