Increase your brand awareness with text signatures.
If you are using text messaging in your business operations – and you should be, especially if you are targeting any market in the millennial age group – be sure to use a simple but informative text signature.

Just as with an email signature, you program it in and it automatically attaches to every text message you send out.

So what should it be? Simple and short – under 40 characters short – so most will look something like this:

My Maid Service
Cleaning Homes since 1997

And if you think your personal (non-customer) friends should be sending you more referrals, maybe they could use a little reminder from your text signature. So if you keep a separate personal cell line, use the same signature there.

Brand awareness activities like this often take the least amount of time and money, but really work hard for you over the long haul.

Derek Christian is the owner of My Maid Service with locations in Cincinnati, OH and Dallas, TX, as well as a business coach through Cleaning Business Builders and publisher of  Derek is now an investor in several cleaning companies including My Maid Service Dayton and Real World Services Columbus.  Derek is also a consultant for industry leaders Blue Skies Services and Castle Keepers.