How to get the maximum versatility and performance from the ProVac
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The ProTeam® ProVac® FS 6 backpack vacuum with Commercial Power Nozzle is still relatively new to the residential cleaning world. As more companies implement the backpack vacuum, here are four tips to get the maximum versatility and performance from the ProVac.

1. Adjust the harness to the individual wearing it.

Cleaners with a wide range of body types can comfortably use the ProVac backpack vacuum provided the harness has been properly fit to the user. A poorly fit harness can fatigue the neck, back, and shoulders. However, once the harness is adjusted correctly, the ProVac takes less than half the energy and effort to use compared to an upright vacuum. Before putting the vacuum into operation, loosen all of the harness straps. (This forces the wearer to adjust them rather than using the out-of-the-box adjustments.) The first and most important adjustment is the waist belt. The waist belt should be tightened until the weight of the unit transfers to the hips. Then tighten the shoulder straps just enough so that the vacuum sits close to the body without tightening to the point that the weight transfers to the shoulders. Then fasten and tighten the sternum strap. You can also use the below fit tutorial video to guide your employees to their best fit.

2. Always use the cord holder.

Every time you or your staff use the ProVac, be sure to attach the yellow power cord and loop it through the cord holder. The cord holder protects the plug from being yanked out, which can damage the vacuum. The ProVac was recently updated with a new switchbox design that eliminates the pigtail, allowing the user to plug directly into the switchbox. This improves ROI; since the old pigtail design was subject to more wear.

3. Get the attachments you need for a complete clean.

The ProVac FS 6 is a powerful tool for cleaning carpet and hard flooring. As you add specialized wands and attachments, it can tackle countless other surfaces. From the standard attachment kit to one of the newly available High Dusting Kits, the right combination of tools can transform your cleaning. Straight friction-fit wands extend your reach to clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, and architectural details with two feet planted safely on the floor.  Add the ProBlade® Hard Surface Tool to clean walls, ceilings, and air-return vents. The tops of plant shelves, bookcases, and wardrobes require curved wands to clean without using a stepladder. Assess the cleaning challenges you regularly encounter and look for ways that the right wand, attachment, or kit can make the job safer or more efficient.

4. Empty or change the Intercept Micro Filter when it is half full.

The user should know that the backpack vacuum works though airflow. To keep the vacuum working at optimum power, train your team to check the Intercept Micro® Filter frequently and empty it when it is half full. A clogged and dirty filter restricts airflow and results in reduced suction and overheating. When you can no longer see through the pores of the filter when holding it up to the light, it is time to replace it with a fresh Intercept Micro Filter. Always use genuine ProTeam filters in the ProVac to preserve vacuum performance and make sure that you are Cleaning for Health®.

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