Spring Cleaning with a ProTeam Backpack Vacuum
It is already Spring, and homeowners – who have been spending a lot of time in their homes this year – are ready to refresh their spaces with a deep cleaning. Chances are, your residential cleaning company already has a process for deep cleaning. This year boost your efficiency by Spring cleaning with a ProTeam® ProVac® FS 6 backpack vacuum.

Vacuum Carpet Faster than an Upright
A backpack vacuum cleans carpeting two to three times faster than an upright vacuum, so you can save time vacuuming and invest it into other areas. The ProVac FS 6 with Commercial Power Nozzle kit provides excellent cleaning of medium- to high-pile carpet while capturing many allergens and asthma triggers in its advanced filtration system.

Vacuum Hard Floors for Better Dust Capture
Swap the power nozzle for a hard floor tool, and your backpack vacuum can tackle hard floors with the same efficiency it brings to carpeting. By using a backpack vacuum instead of a broom or dust mop, you will capture more dirt and dust instead of kicking it into the air to settle later.

Dust with Your Vacuum
Prior to vacuuming, dusting can also kick dust into the air. Instead of waiting for the dust to settle, so you can vacuum, consider dusting first with your vacuum. A ProTeam backpack captures dust in a series of filters, and it reduces the likelihood of dust becoming airborne as a result of cleaning.

Extend Your Reach
Speaking of dusting, if you or your cleaning staff are still balancing on step stools and ladders to clean high places, this section is for you. Keep two feet planted safely on the ground by using ProTeam High Dusting Kits. Extension wands add 10 to 12 feet of additional reach, and various attachments clean hard-to-reach surfaces with ease.

Spring into Efficiency
Give yourself a competitive edge during Spring cleaning by pairing the ProTeam ProVac FS 6 with tools for hard floors and dusting. Learn more at ProTeam.Emerson.com.

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