Town & Country Cleaning Services has been an industry leader in the Chapel Hill area for 29 years. Jon Lorbacher, Operations Manager for the last three years, believes strongly in Town & Country’s commitment to innovation. This commitment is why Town & Country made the switch to ProTeam ® vacuums over a decade ago.

“We make it very clear that we are on the front edge of cleaning homes,” said Lorbacher. “We’re not content to do it the way it’s always been done.”

Serving an area of North Carolina known as the Triangle, Town & Country’s team of 30 cleans around 300 homes, five community houses, and a handful of office facilities. They stake their reputation on their fleet of ProTeam vacuums, especially the ProVac FS 6® with the power nozzle attachment.

Designed to meet the demands of the residential cleaning industry, the ProVac FS 6 with commercial power nozzle helps clean medium to high-pile carpet, maneuvering under and around furniture. Lorbacher appreciates that it picks up pet hair with ease.

“We’re a pet-friendly cleaning company. A lot of our clients have dogs and cats, and we haven’t found anything that gets the pet hair like the ProVac,” said Lorbacher. “The power nozzle swivels, so cleaners can reach difficult areas without working as hard. We tried another brand without the swivel head, and the staff complained immediately.”

In addition to the necessary swivel head, Lorbacher’s staff likes the comfort and fit of the ProVac harness. When properly adjusted to the user, the FlexFit® articulating harness allows cleaners to vacuum quickly and efficiently, without wearing themselves out. A former long-distance hiker, Lorbacher understands the importance of fit.

“Fit is critical,” he said. “If you have the harness properly fit, it should allow you to move around comfortably without feeling like you have a vacuum on your back.”

Not only are backpack vacuums more comfortable, they’re more efficient. Lorbacher’s team can often clean a whole house without having to unplug the 50’ cord. They can get in and out of a room quickly and dust with attached hand tools while they’re vacuuming, something that is much more challenging with an upright.

Town & Country works to create healthy living spaces, promising their customers that they will “protect their health, their home, and their time.” Lorbacher educates his customers about Indoor Air Quality and how their ProTeam vacuums have ProLevel Filtration® systems that capture many allergens and asthma triggers in the home.

“We tell everyone we clean for health, so that sets the expectations high,” said Lorbacher. “Our clients understand that we are going to take care of them. Our ProTeam vacuums help us do that.”

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