Designed for the commercial user cleaning residential areas, the ProTeam® Residential Cleaning Service Tool Kit has five tools to meet many cleaning challenges. Here, we’ll take a look at the five tools in the kit and how to use them to your greatest advantage.


  • Dust Brush
    Remove dust from blinds, lampshades and furniture with the 3-inch dust brush. By allowing airflow through its bristles, the dust brush allows for gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces.
  • Claw Nozzle
    Efficiently clean upholstered and carpeted surfaces with the 4.5-inch Claw Nozzle. Ideal for upholstery, this multipurpose tool can also be used to clean in areas where the full-sized powerhead won’t fit.
  • Crevice Tool
    Perfect for hard-to-reach areas, the 17-inch crevice tool is only 1.375 inches wide. Use it to clean ledges, under and between appliances, and anywhere that other tools can’t reach.
  • Turbo Brush
    With a roller brush driven by the vacuum’s airflow, the Turbo Brush is a perfect match for medium- to high-pile carpet. Use it to clean entry mats, rugs, and residential carpeting. The Turbo Brush also removes pet hair beautifully.
  • Hard Surface Floor Tool
    Gently clean hard floors with the soft-but-firm scalloped felt brush on the 14-inch hard surface floor tool. This tool is gentle enough to use on floors with delicate or high-polish finishes.

The Right Tool Makes All the Difference
Trying to clean with the wrong tool can be time-consuming and frustrating. When cleaners have the right selection of tools for the tasks at hand, they can work faster and more effectively. Make life easier by choosing the right ProTeam tools for the job.


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