This technique is part of a three-pronged approach that improves efficiency and helps to prevent cross contamination of germs.

One of the biggest pet peeves we hear about from prospective cleaning clients has to do with what we at Castle Keepers do to make sure we don’t spread germs from one room to the next, or worse, from house to house. Our answer to clients has several layers.

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First, we minimize the spread of germs by sanitizing and disinfecting properly. Whether you use a disinfecting spray or a steam-based system, our technicians are carefully trained and frequently inspected to make sure they allow for the full dwell time. Many in our industry use the phrase “spray and wipe” to identify the disinfecting process, and certainly commercials endorse this myth among consumers. We’ve expanded the phrase within our company to “spray-wait-wipe-dry.”

Second, we further reduce the spread of germs by using ultra microfiber cleaning cloths that remove more soil and microbes than terry, cotton, or chamois cloths. In fact, our cloths include antimicrobial action to further protect clients from cross contamination.
Finally, we train our technicians to use a cloth folding technique to ensure that no only do they use a clean side of the cloth often but that they also use the entire surface of the cloth, which helps us save money on supplies. Check out the incredible folding technique in the video (below), which we use in our training.
Observing disinfecting dwell times, investing in top quality removal tools, and training technicians to use tools and time efficiently and effectively not only keeps the cleaning process quick but also protects our clients from cross contamination of germs.
Janice Stewart is the owner of Castle Keepers and driving force behind the development of the Modern Cleaning approach, Janice brings her scientific and healthcare background to inform the development of effective, safe, and healthy cleaning methods.