Issue focuses on making smart investments in people, equipment and training
Castle Keepers, we’re well known for the holding ourselves to a high standard of customer service. It’s how we have grown to be the area’s largest independent residential cleaning service. Frequently residents of the Lowcountry find us by word of mouth, as our customers recommend us to their friends, family and neighbors. Like any company, though, we  have to market ourselves, getting the word out about what we have to offer: consistent professionalism by our cleaning technicians, responsiveness to customer needs, and chemical-free cleaning techniques that are good for the health of your family and pets. But gone are the days of simply running a Yellow Pages ad and seeing results. As any local small business owner from Mt. Pleasant to Summerville can tell you, these days you have to harness a new set of marketing tools to keep your company’s name in front of potential customers. 

In this month’s issue of Cleaning Business Today, the national trade publication produced by us, we focus on marketing ROI, or return on investment. The lead feature article by Tom Stewart, co-owner with his wife Janice of Castle Keepers, examines how to measure marketing success, a subject appropriate to any small business. On the cover, we feature our good friend Joe Walsh, owner of Green Clean Maine. The photo was taken just a few days ago, as yet another major snow storm hit the Northeast. (The snow is pretty, but we don’t envy Joe the shoveling!) He’s standing in front of a new Chevy Volt, a smart investment not only in his business but in the environment. To read the February issue, click here.