Law targets sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Effective January 1, 2018, Oregon amended its labor contracting law to require those organizations that employ workers for the purpose of providing janitorial or cleaning services to other parties (i.e., building service contractors, residential cleaning service providers) to:

  • Be licensed as a Property Services Contractor by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI);
  • Provide professional training through or approved by BOLI to managers, supervisors and employees on:
    • Sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace
    • Prevention of workplace discrimination
    • “Whistleblower” protection afforded to those employees who report a violation of state or federal law by the employer
  • Pass a qualifying test designed to test applicant’s ability, knowledge, and proficiency to conduct business as a labor contractor, including a test of knowledge regarding the employer’s responsibility to prevent sexual assault or sexual harassment
  • In addition to Oregon labor contracting law, Property Services Contractor must also understand and comply with state, federal wage and hour and civil rights regulations.

Compliance Assistance.  Oregon BOLI has put together detailed compliance assistance in the form of a “handbook for property services contractors” that provides guidance on the:

  • Scope of coverage including FAQs on what entities are subject to the new law (as well as those that are NOT subject to the new requirements);
  • Detailed description of the license application process; and
  • Summary of select wage and hour and civil rights laws

In addition, BOLI has posted general information on the new requirements for Property Service Contractors at

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