There are a lot of different moving parts when it comes to running a cleaning business. This leaves many maid service owners confronting a variety of struggles.

Maid service owners just like Jennifer.

Jennifer had a great idea by starting her own maid service in 2016; but, it continues to be a learning experience for her. She is always trying to improve, so Jennifer goes to industry events to learn how to better her business. She wants to have profitable pricing, and has had some trouble finding quality employees.  Jennifer also wants to learn the latest market managing techniques, and likes to stay up to date on branding trends.

Although familiar with her own personal social media, Jennifer is not quite sure how to gain a “presence” for her maid service. To continue to grow her business, she attends as many of these industry events as she can. Events like the ARCSI convention and the Foundations events by Cleaning Business Today.

Too often though, she is unable to make them because of the time and money it would take to get there. 

Shows of industry pioneers are held all finished, so they can impart their encounters and triumphs to other people. This occurs so individuals like you (and Jennifer), who need to find out additional, can go to them. Nonetheless, time isn’t something that each entrepreneur needs to save, not to mention the gas cash or plane tickets.

To help make it easier for cleaning business owners to gain access to the learned lessons of others, the Maid Service Success Summit was created. In this virtual convention, there will be over 40 speakers, with decades of experience. What’s more, this 7 category, 5 day event, is completely free. 

That is correct. The entire convention is FREE.

How to Sign Up:

All you need is an email address to access this convenient collection of World Class Cleaning Industry Experts. Join this ALL ONLINE collaboration from July 29th to August 2nd from the comfort of wherever you like. Simply reserve your spot to at

About the Maid Service Success Summit:

The summit is an online collaboration of leading industry experts who will provide you with information from their experiences. It will cover an entire conventions worth of knowledge, without the hassle. Speakers like Tom Stewart, the CEO of Castle Keepers House Cleaning, will speak about 3 important numbers to track and grow in your cleaning business. Liz Trotter, the owner of American Maid Cleaning, knows all the best ways to discover and keep great employees. Ernie Hartong, Executive Director of ARCSI, will discuss the ins and outs of customer service. 

In addition, there will also be talks by Debbie Sardone, who offers a guide to a seven figure business, Angela Brown, from Ask a Housekeeper on YouTube, Katie Peirce, Martha Woodward, Chris Schwab, and many more!

Register for your free spot today at