Residential cleaning and maid service industry certification gets an update.
In order to ensure that all Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Certification (IICRC) certificate programs are up to date with the latest developments in their fields, each program is reviewed every three years. 

The House Cleaning Technician (HCT) certification is currently under review. This includes both the course description and the exam. We have a great Technical Advisory Committee made up of representatives from cleaning companies, franchises, manufacturers, consultants, and industry experts. 

A review of an IICRC certification program is very detailed. Every question on the exam will be examined to make sure the scope and content are accurate, clear and relevant. The program is being reviewed to make sure it covers the information that a cleaning technician needs to know to truly be a professional. The scope of the certification provides technicians knowledge and understanding through the application of science and proven methods for proper cleaning maintenance of a residential home; the major areas of the certification include:

 – The Role of a Certified House Cleaning Technician (HCT)
 – Materials and Surfaces
 – Contents and Furnishings
 – Science of Cleaning
 – Methods and Productivity
 – Tools and Equipment
 – Safety and Health on the Job Site
 – Professional Appearance
 – Environmental and Sustainability Options

There has been lively discussion and the airing of diverse opinions in the process of reaching consensus on each issue, largely because there is no one “right” way to clean. It is important to remember that the HCT program is not one school’s program or one person’s opinion, but truly an industry wide effort.

So what are some of the changes coming? It is a little early to tell for sure, but early indications show: 
 – An increased emphasis on the health of technicians and home occupants (including pets)
 – Updates on changes in surfaces and tools
 – Inclusion of the new GHS standard (replacing MSDS)

Each question is also reviewed both to make sure the language is clear, and that there is clearly only one best answer. The process is slow, and the requirements for documentation sometimes seem arduous, but it ensures a balanced and accurate program. 

We have a good start on the process, but there is still a lot of work. If anyone is interested in helping, please feel free to contact Bruce Vance at We will update you again as this project gets closer to being finished.

Bruce Vance is a widely recognized expert. He runs Town & Country Cleaning, a million-dollar house cleaning company located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and is the leading IICRC-approved instructor for the only internationally-recognized third-party House Cleaning Technician certification.