Uh oh.  You just got off the phone with your mother-in-law.  She’s in Cincinnati for the day, and she is heading over for a last-minute visit.  Is your home ready?

We all know you can speed clean your home, but did you know you could actually make your home easier to speed clean?  

Here are 7 habits and tips to make speed cleaning your home a breeze.

1. Ditch the Extras

Do you really need that cotton candy machine that has been in the box for 3 years?  Those DVDs you never watch and the books you will never read again?  Give them to someone who will use them.  Getting rid of things you don’t need will make room for the things that you do need.

2. Develop an Effective Filing System

Everyone needs a system to file important documents, but what about that stack of mail on your dining room table?  Make a quick mail sorting station next to your front door.  Make a spot for bills, important mail, coupons, and keep a small trashcan nearby for junk mail.  Make a habit of sorting mail as soon as you walk in the door so it doesn’t pile up.

3. Make your Bed Easy to Make

It’s been said that making your bed first thing in the morning can actually improve your mood all day.  Make this morning ritual easier and faster by ditching some of the extra throw pillows. Your bed can still look nice with 4 pillows instead of 14.

4. Make a Place for Everything

If every item in your home has a home, you can do a quick clean with little to know effort.  If something doesn’t have a place, evaluate whether the item is functional, and ditch accordingly.  

5. Never go to Bed with a Dirty Kitchen

After a long day, cleaning your kitchen can sometimes feel like a chore.  If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that cleaning dinner plates are much easier right after dinner than they are the next morning.  Make a habit of cleaning your kitchen every night, that way you don’t have to worry about washing yesterday’s dishes if last-minute guests are heading over.  

6. Don’t Procrastinate

This one may seem obvious, but the less you “put off until tomorrow,” the less you will have to do tomorrow.  Shorten tomorrow’s to-do list by taking care of it right now!

7. Hire a housecleaning service!  

Picking up a few displaced items isn’t so bad when you know your home was just thoroughly cleaned by a professional. CLICK HERE now, and you will be ready for guests anytime!  

Can you have your home ready for guests in 15 minutes or less?  Leave us a comment to let us know your secret!