There’s only one “perfect” time to make a commitment to your business, and that’s NOW!

As cleaning business owners, Derek Christian, Tom Stewart, Liz Trotter, and Joe Walsh have spent years worrying over filling their technicians’ schedules with clients so that they could grow as big as they dreamed.


But as cleaning business consultants and coaches, they’ve worried more over the Cleaning Business Owners (CBOs) who “couldn’t” register for the May 31 – June 6 Jump Start Week of Foundations of Success, their 6-month business growth program which includes private coaching.


You may be wondering why anyone would forgo an all-expenses paid* week in a beach-front mansion on one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Atlantic. Here’s what the CBB coaches revealed:


Top 3 Reasons We’re Not Seeing You at the Beach in June


#3 – You already had a commitment for Jump Start week.

The spring and early summer are jam packed with holidays, high school and college graduations, and weddings, so we “get” it. But the second week in January is rarely a HOT week – check your calendar now!


#2 – You didn’t get your business development grant application in time.

So many states and towns have state and private funding to support business growth and development, and three people coming in June are doing so with at least 50% funding, if not more. Start checking now, especially since sometimes we have to register the program for you to get funding.


#1 – Your competitor signed up first.

We had to tell FIVE people who wanted to sign up that they had to wait for the next class to sign up because one of their competitors in their local market got their registration in first. Because we are committed to ensuring that each member of a class can be completely open and honest and vulnerable on this journey, we are very strict about having only one company per metro market in each class.


Special Offer – Expires June 8, 2016

Because we had so many people hampered by circumstances rather than desire, we’re doing something we’ve never done before: we’re going to let you register for Class 7 – January 10-16, 2016 – for the Class 6 price!


We know, we know, we told you the class would not be offered again at the bargain of $7,499, and it’s not; the Class 7 price is going up to $7,995 – on June 9th.


January 10-16, 2016

Includes 7-night stay at 622 Ocean Blvd. on Isle of Palms

Only 12 Openings

Includes all meals from local restaurants and farms

1 Company per Market

Includes Local Transportation

Four Openings for Foundations Graduates**

6-month and 12-month payment plans available


Put Down Your $500 Deposit here.


Remember, this offer is good through Monday, June 8 at 5 pm ET. At 5:01, the price goes up to $7,995! The earlier you register, the better shot you have at getting a beach-facing room and balcony – only six available. Check out the house and rooms here.


If you’re still skeptical, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook the first week in June. We’ll be posting photos and videos every day so you can see for yourself what really happens, what you’re really getting!


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Don’t spend another week kicking yourself as you follow posts from Charleston. Register early and know that your 2016 will be amazing with the 12-month growth and development plans you create! 


*Airfare not included, but local transportation is part of the accommodations.

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