From Success Profiles to Infographics to Breaking News, find out what caught the most eyes and spawned the most comments in the past year!

1. Success Stories: Kyle Walker, Real World Services

Youngest cleaning business owner launched his company at age 15 and hit his first million dollar revenue year at age. UPDATE: Since we last spoke with Kyle, he has entered the Mayoral race for Logan, OH; we believe Kyle would be the first cleaning business owner to occupy the office of Mayor while continuing to operate and grow his cleaning business. 

2. Connections between Company Culture and Disruptive Innovation 

Are you the company that’s throwing up brick walls in front of the people in touch with your customers – your employees? Your culture may be exposing your company to disruption and making you vulnerable. 

3. Infographic: Benchmarking Your Pay Rates

Janitors and maids are the third largest occupation in the US. Are you paying enough compared to national averages? 

4. Infection Control and Environmental Services Team Up in the Battle for Your Health

In order to tackle the spread of infectious disease in healthcare facilities, everyone must be on the same page. Hospitals and healthcare facilities can improve infection control when departments team up.

5. Homejoy Raises Rates, Drops out of Europe and Canada

Homejoy cites recruiting “the most dedicated, verified Cleaning Professionals in your area” and improvements in the customer experience as primary reasons for increase. 

6. The Intersection of Client and Technician: Annual Software & User Experience Survey

From new mobile options to the addition of sales and marketing functions, new scheduling and user experience solutions are on the rise. 

7. Success Stories: Diana Henley, Naturalcare Cleaning Service

Houston, TX-based cleaning company, founded on nature’s best cleaning and disinfecting power, branches into product development. 

8. Adwords Then and Now: The Five-Year Inflation of Cost-per-Click

The number of total internet searches per year is estimated to be growing at about 10% a year. When it comes to Google AdWords, work smarter, not harder.

9. Success Stories: Lisa and Hamish Macqueen, Cleancorp 

Australian cleaning company jumps from $1M to $3.75M using online sales and service automation, wins Small Business ICON 2014.

10. The “Almost Perfect” Vacuum: Top Recommended Vacuums for Residential Cleaning Services

Top recommended vacuums for residential cleaning services – report & comparison chart