Toledo, OH – With winter right around the corner, Betco, a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning, disinfecting, floor care, and skin care products, reminds those in the professional cleaning and building management industries that now is the time to start thinking about hand care.


“The dry, cold weather can really damage the skin on your hands,” says Lindsay Tippin, Betco marketing coordinator. “It’s important to start moisturizing before this happens to prevent discomfort that can take weeks to heal.”


Tippin also notes that dry chapped hands can evolve into hand dermatitis, a disease that can be very serious, even result in a visit to the emergency room if the condition worsens.


To help us protect our hands, Tippin offers the following Ten Ways to Protect Your Hands This Winter Season:


  1. Wear gloves every time you go outside; frosty cold air can dry out hands very quickly
  2. If you wear rubber gloves for work, wear a light pair of cotton gloves underneath; this helps protect the skin from the drying effects of moisture and perspiration trapped by the rubber gloves
  3. Facility managers should place bottles or dispensers of hand moisturizer near all sinks so they are readily available for use
  4. Keep a bottle of hand moisturizer nearby and use it frequently
  5. Apply lotion or hand cream over all areas of the hands, including cuticles and nails
  6. While regular hand washing is imperative, in the winter months, use lukewarm water and wash hands longer; hot water strips the skin of natural oils
  7. Studies have found that foam soaps are not only more cost effective than liquid hand soaps but they also require less water; the water is what wipes away protective lubricants
  8. Use hand sanitizers more frequently; although they could make hands dry, they may be a bit gentler to the skin than soap and water
  9. Use foaming hand sanitizers manufactured with non-alcohol formulations
  10. Take the guesswork out of hand care. Work with a manufacturer/distributor familiar with skin and hand care to select the best products to meet your specific needs


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