Just 5 tips and 5 minutes spent updating your business email signature can make all the difference in making an impression on a new lead and creating a sense of comfort and connection with a long-time client.

Use these five tips to revise and polish your email signature – so that it works FOR your branding and image!

  1. Be Mobile Friendly: short lines of text, electronic information only, small graphics
  2. Comply with Legal Requirements: add a standard legal disclaimer following your signature to protect your company and the sharing of information electronically
  3. Use Your Company Branding: add your logo to your signature
  4. Include Social Media: add links to your primary social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+
  5. Utilize Advertising: include a graphic or text link about your latest promotion

The key is subtle; avoid flashing gif animation and make sure all of the information is relevant to your contact.

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