Designer of Unique Housework Management app MoppedUp Comes Clean About his Mid-Life Crisis Solution

LONDONApril 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Londoner facing mid-life, creates unique cleaning app to connect homeowners with their cleaners to organise the home.

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For many people, reaching 40 is a time to splurge on a sports car or a motorbike. However for Malcolm Lewis, 39, a Business Analyst from London, the ticking clock signaled a time to create rather than spend.

The useful result of Malcolm’s mid-life creativity is MoppedUp, an ideal home cleaning solution, seamlessly connecting homeowners and their cleaners to create the perfect cleaning schedule.

“I’ve had many ideas in the past and never done anything with them” said Malcolm. “Then I had an idea for a time saving, home cleaning app and decided to challenge myself to prove I could create something that makes a difference to people’s domestic lives. So with the big 4-0 approaching I’ve turned my midlife crisis into a midlife solution.”

MoppedUp was designed from the frustrations that Malcolm experienced, constantly searching for scraps of paper to leave notes for the cleaner asking for certain jobs to be completed.

“Everything in our world is getting more advanced” said Malcolm, “yet when it comes to communicating with the people who look after our homes, we traditionally revert back to basic pen and paper”.

By using MoppedUp those days are gone as the app connects homeowners with their cleaners in the following ways:

•        Homeowners can build the perfect home cleaning schedule for their cleaner

•        The built in messaging tool allows the homeowner and cleaner to communicate

•        The shopping list allows the cleaner to tell the homeowner when cleaning products have run out or are running low and suggest new ones

•        MoppedUp allows the homeowner to email the cleaning schedule to the cleaner anytime, anyplace and on any device 

In addition, uniquely in today’s hugely populated app marketplace, MoppedUp is the first and only app of its kind.

“Thanks to MoppedUp, domestic cleaning has finally entered the 21st century”, said Malcolm, “I know that homeowners & cleaners will enjoy using the app as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it”.

Already proving to be a success, feedback from homeowners has helped shape the app. Malcolm added: “I was asked to add a ‘Find a cleaner’ feature which uses MoppedUp technology to connect homeowners with up to three cleaning companies in their area.”

So what’s in store next for Malcolm and MoppedUp? iWatch and Android version then a global release…then I guess it’s time to plan for the big 5-0!

MoppedUp is available for download here.  

Click here to view MoppedUp’s key-features video.