Here’s why your customer with the outrageous claim may not be lying. It could be mental filters.
You may not realize it but everyone, including us, our customers, and our cleaners have filters in place they do not even realize are there. These filters make it so your cleaning service clients literally do not see everything in their home. When they call you with what seems like an outrageous damage claim that you are SURE has been there for years, they may have never seen it before. This video explains how that is possible.

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Dealing with irate customers is a lot easier when you have the information and tools to handle them effectively. So is marketing. Join me for my upcoming event, Spring Growth 2017. It takes place April 8, 2017 in Indianapolis.

Derek Christian is founder and owner of My Maid Service, Cincinnati’s largest, independent professional cleaning company. Prior to that, he spent twelve years at P&G working on household cleaning products. Derek is Co-publisher and Director of Business Development & Sales for Cleaning Business Today, and a partner in Cleaning Business Builders.