Getting social on Google+ supports your SEO better than anything you can do on Facebook.

The biggest benefit of Google+ is that it’s part of Google and, therefore, everything that you do on Google+ helps with your website’s Google search rankings – in a way Facebook is never going to do.

And while few still believe that Google+ will ever truly compete with Facebook for social engagement and brand awareness activity, repeating all of your Facebook posts, Tweets, and Pins on your Google for Business page supports your SEO in a fundamental way that those other sites can’t generate for you.

  1. Find, join, and participate in communities – and there are LOTs of cleaning-related communities on Google+. These are similar to groups on Facebook.
  2. Join live conversations on the Google+ Event pages
  3. Create a power circle – for content, for client referrals, for local business networking and bartering
  4. Create an opt-in circle for your blog posts. It’s like having an automatic e-newsletter for every blog post you make to Google+

Source: Maximize Social Business