While most people don’t consider cleaning a favorite pastime, there are some simple and easy ways to make those cleaning duties more fun and appealing. While cleaning can be monotonous, making it a family event or changing the incentives and altering the surrounding entertainment can have a major impact on conquering cleaning chores.

Dance and Sing

Pretending you’re a guest star on “The Voice” and singing along to the radio or an online music station can make cleaning feel more exciting. Also, with the music turned up, might as well do a few dance moves in between sweeping and dusting.


For every long cleaning session, it’s smart to have a reward. A long bath with a new book? A pumpkin spice latte? A Netflix marathon? Cleaning with a payoff will make the time seem less grueling.

Games and Play

Making a cleaning routine part of a game will surely make it seem more pleasurable. Try to record the amount of time per each cleaning session and then try to beat the previous session.


Squats while washing the dishes? Lunges while vacuuming? Pushups while scrubbing? Making cleaning into a time to squeeze in some exercise will be a win-win.

Stickers and Stars

Adults and children need visual reminders of success—having a chore chart with completed tasks with shiny stickers or colorful stamps will keep the cleaning momentum strong.

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