CBT new contributors among the best and brightest in the industry

New Contributors

In the past 12 months, we hav added 21 new contributors to our ever-growing list. We reach out every day to new experts in all aspects of both cleaning and business to ensure that you are getting the best information possible – all towards helping you run a healthy and profitable business.  They’re definitely worth another read!



  1. Deanna Arnold, human resources

  2. Bill Balek, ISSA legislative affairs

  3. Gloria Columna, cleaning franchise owner

  4. Ted Devine, insurance and risk management

  5. Kristen Hadeed, cleaning business owner

  6. Sam Hodges, business loans and financing

  7. Todd Horton, employee engagement

  8. Kris Koenig, cleaning business owner

  9. Robert Kravitz, public relations for commercial cleaning

  10. Benja Lane, cleaning business owner

  11. Kevin McGirl, sales strategist

  12. Debbie Murray, CETA director

  13. Clint Perez, marketing professional

  14. Will Reed, ISSA standards and certification

  15. Mervyn Rozet, marketing professional

  16. Eric Roudi, cleaning franchise owner

  17. Samantha Snider, cleaning business owner

  18. Bryan Summers, leadership assessment and training

  19. Amy Thomas, cleaning business owner

  20. Joe Walsh, cleaning business owner

  21. Robert Wendover, generational market researcher