When most people think about maid services, they usually imagine a cleaner coming in and taking care of things on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  While this is definitely common, don’t forget about those times in your life when you just need a one-time deep clean.

When you have a special event planned, or are going through a life transition, the last thing you want to have to worry about is cleaning the house.  

Let a Blue Ash maid service take care of things for you!  Here are 4 life events when you should hire a housecleaning service.

Move in/Move out Cleans: Moving to a new home means closing one chapter and opening a new one all at once.  This can be pretty overwhelming.  You want your old home to be cleaned for the new homeowners, but you also need your new home cleaned in so you can move in.  Take a deep breath and call in some reinforcements!

Change of Season:  As the seasons move forward, stay one step ahead of the game by hiring a cleaning service on a quarterly basis!  Whether you need spring cleaning, (or summer/fall/winter cleaning) a professional service can take care of things for you.

Parties: Birthday parties, graduations, and reunions are all great reasons to spend some time with the family.  Hiring a professional cleaning services means you can enjoy your time without having to wonder if anyone is going to lift up the rug in the living room and reveal the dirt you swept under it.  

New Baby:  A new bundle of joy brings tons of sweet coos, adorable yawns, and sleepless nights for mom and dad.  No one wants to worry about cleaning the house when they could be cuddling with their new baby. (Or catching a quick cat nap on the couch.)

No matter what you have going on in your life, you deserve to enjoy it!  Leave the cleaning to the Blue Ash housecleaning professionals at My Maid Service!  

(Here’s a quick overview of what is included with our home cleaning options!)

Looking to hire a cleaning service for an upcoming life event?  Leave us a comment to let us know about the occasion!