Our refrigerators keep us safe by making sure that our food maintains a healthy temperature.  When was the last time you did something nice for your fridge?   Check out these 5 tips to make sure your fridge stays the coolest appliance in the kitchen.  (Pun intended.)  

5. Check your door seals weekly.  Imagine how many times a day your refrigerator door is opened.  The gasket keeping all of the cold air inside is imperative to maintaining a proper temperature inside your fridge, and keeping things running efficiently.  This one is pretty easy; just some warm water and a sponge once a week, will keep little drips, spills, and drizzles from messing up the competency of your seal. 

4.  Keep your freezer vent free of obstructions.  Freezer vents are important because they help circulate air around the unit.  If your freezer is crammed too full or there is a stack of items blocking the fan, you will start to have issues with freezer temperature.  (Ah hem.  Yes, I’m referring to that pile of TV dinners you’ve had in your freezer since college.)

3.  Replace filter in water system every 6 months.   This, of course, is a suggestion.  Depending on your personal use, the filter can last 9 months for a single user, or around 3 months for a large family.  The main thing to remember is to keep an eye on your water and ice.  If there is a strange smell or an off taste, of course you should ignore the recommended 6 months and get a new one.  (Yes, I know that sounds like common sense, but let’s be real here.)

2.  Vacuum coils often.  Refrigerator coils dissipate heat, but they also are prone to collecting dust.  As the dust collects, the coils have to work harder to keep up.  A quick vacuuming is an easy way to prevent costly repairs down the line, plus it helps keep your fridge running efficiently. 

1. Clean condenser fan twice a year.  (More often if you have shedding pets.)  Remember those refrigerator coils, which work hard to dissipate heat?  Condenser fans blow air over those coils to help cool them.  If you’ve never cleaned this fan, you’d be surprised at how much gunk can build up and start to inhibit the rotation.  Check it out!

*Remember to always unplug refrigerators before attempting to vacuum coils or clean the condenser fan!

While you’re extending the life of your fridge, make sure you take a second to give the shelves a quick wipe-down.  The inside of your refrigerator can be cleaned with a simple all-purpose spray, or try adding a little baking soda if your fridge could use some freshening.

What’s your favorite tip to keep your refrigerator running smoothly?