Why you should start recruiting now, even if it doesn’t look like you need more cleaners.

For most of our home cleaning businesses there are two big surges in demand. The first is the annual Spring cleaning surge. The second one is back-to-school season. 

Once the kids go back to school and the family gets back into their routine, there is a substantial spike in calls for reoccurring service to all of our offices. Younger families will be sending their kids to school for the first time. Many stay-at-home moms will be going back to work. With homework and after-school activities, others will discover just how little time they have. These factors combine to make late August and the month of September some of the best months in our business across all locations.

However to really take advantage of this surge, we need to plan ahead. Now is the time we need to start hiring. It takes an average of 4 weeks to get a cleaner fully able to work alone. Only half of our trainees make it out of our training programming. So we are hiring now for demand we do not expect to really kick in until the end of the month, and we are hiring twice as many people as we think we are really going to need. 

This can all be really scary. The first few weeks of August are traditionally very bad weeks for business, as many families take their last big summer vacations. Our skip rate skyrockets as a result. However if we want to be able to really take advantage of the surge we know is coming, now is the time to hire. If we wait until the end of the month, it will be far too late. Now is the time to start recruiting, screening, and hiring employees.​

The Recruiting & Hiring class in Cleaning Business Builders’ Foundations Fast Track program provides the information and tools you need to put your hiring process on the fast track. To preview Liz Trotter’s recorded webinar on the subject, click the play button on the image below.


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Recruiting and Hiring

This class, delivered by American Maid founder/owner Liz Trotter, sets you up with the basic elements of the recruiting and hiring system used by successful and still-growing cleaning companies. The key is that this system goes beyond simply giving you a list but also provides guidance on how to evaluate candidates – what are good, mediocre, and bad answers to application and interview questions, for example.

Class Agenda

  • Before You Hire: mission statement, core values, compensation models, benefits, compliance
  • Recruiting Process: when to hire, where to recruit, positions and job descriptions
  • Application Process: the application, attitude assessments, reference checks
  • Interview Process: questions, answers, scoring, screening
  • Hiring Process: making an offer, paperwork, drug test, background check and eVerify
  • Next Steps: starting to introduce your culture

Download Contents

  1. Class Video (duration 54:28)
  2. Class PPT Slides
  3. Recruiting and Hiring Workbook
  4. Job Descriptions: AMCLLC (Liz Trotter’s) Team Cleaner
  5. Job Descriptions: AMCLLC List of positions and promotions (League Structure and Growth Ladder)
  6. Job Descriptions: CK (Tom Stewart’s) Administrative/Office Manager
  7. Job Descriptions: CK Field Supervisor/Inspector
  8. Job Descriptions: CK House Cleaning Technician (HCT)
  9. Job Descriptions: CK Operations Manager
  10. Interviews: AMCLLC Application and Interview Process
  11. Interviews: AMCLLC Interview Questions
  12. Interviews: AMCLLC Interview Evaluation and Scoring Rubric
  13. Interviews: Reference Check Questions
  14. Hiring: AMCLLC Offers of Employment
  15. Hiring: AMCLLC New Hire Set-up Checklist
  16. Hiring: CK Personnel File Guidelines
  17. Hiring: MMS (Derek Christian’s) New Hire Letter
  18. Onboarding: AMCLLC New Hire Onboarding Checklist
  19. Onboarding: AMCLLC New Hire Orientation Checklist

Derek Christian has been involved in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years and is an owner or investor in several cleaning companies including My Maid Service Dayton and Real World Services Columbus, and now he works as a sales and marketing consultant for Castle Keepers.

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