The ProVac® backpack vacuum from ProTeam® improves speed and effectiveness when cleaning hard floors, carpet, and beyond the floor.

In this business, wherever you can save time, you can improve your bottom line. Maybe you’ll apply the time saved to reducing labor costs. Maybe you’ll use it to improve your service and retain more customers. Either way, it is important to seize every opportunity to be more efficient. The ProVac® backpack vacuum from ProTeam® improves speed and effectiveness when cleaning hard floors, carpet, and beyond the floor.

Hard Floors

When it comes to cleaning, the goal is capturing and removing unwanted matter. Unfortunately, two of the most popular tools for cleaning hard floors are terrible at both capture and removal. Mops and dust mops notoriously kick dust and dirt up into the air where they can be inhaled, creating a risk for those with respiratory sensitivities. Then that dust and dirt settles back onto the floor and other surfaces, leaving the room less-than-clean for your customers.

When the ProVac backpack vacuum is paired with a hard surface floor tool, the suction-only design does not kick up debris. It simply pulls in dirt and dust with powerful suction of 153 CFM and captures it in an advanced ProLevel Filtration® system. According to independent tests, a ProTeam backpack vacuum cleans 52% faster than a dust mop and keeps dust bunnies away for 72 hours, as opposed to 24 hours after dust mopping.

ProTeam ProVac FS6Carpet

When compared to a traditional upright vacuum, the ProVac backpack vacuum is the obvious choice. A backpack vacuum cleans about three times faster and is 43% more efficient at removing soil than a commercial upright vacuum. At only 11.6 pounds, the ProVac is half the weight of an upright and much easier to maneuver around obstacles and against baseboards.

Beyond the Floor

The benefits of backpack vacuums don’t stop at the floor. This suction-only approach can be applied to all dusting tasks with the same speed and effectiveness. The ProVac includes attachments for dusting, upholstery, and crevices and an accessory belt that keeps all attachments within reach. Windowsills, shelving, blinds, and other architectural details can all be backpack vacuumed using the standard attachments instead of rags or dusters that stir up dust. There are even stacking extension wands to address high ceiling fans, light fixtures, and air return vents.

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