7 keys to reaching the elusive millennial generation

More and more, Millennials are hiring cleaners to clean their home and apartment. This demographic is an excellent source of income and business for any cleaning company. However, if you want to attract Millennials to hire your business, you need to market to them in words, language and ways they will understand.

1. Have a good profile

Millennials have grown up researching products and services online. They are less likely to ask for referrals from friends and family members and more likely to be influenced by online profiles. One of the first things many Millennials look at before they hire a company is their online profile. Completely fill out your profile, use images and give as much information to make it easy for Millennials to find you.

2. Be authentic

43% of Millennials rank authenticity over content when they consume information. Today, Millennials are looking for brands they can trust and believe in. Transparency is key when marketing to Millennials.  The rise of social media has led to Millennials becoming more loyal to brands they feel they can connect with. Additionally, when they find a brand they love, they are more eager to share or promote it on their social media sites and review sites.

3. Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Millennials are extremely active on their mobile phones and they use them to research and book services more than older generations do. Millennials expect to be able to find the same information on your mobile website as on your desktop site and they are more likely to leave your website if they can’t understand or find what they are looking for easily on your mobile site.

4. Create great content

Millennials consume content online in a way that no other generation ever has. According to AdAge, Millennials are spending an average of 25 hours per week online. They are looking for content on websites, blogs and social media. Great content helps a Millennial feel empowered, which encourages them to trust your business even more. Just remember to keep the content brief as most Millennials enjoy consuming quick, easy-to-consume content.

5. Be active on social media

65% of Millennials like companies on Facebook or Twitter. It’s an incredibly important channel if you want to reach Millennials because they grew up connecting through social media. Millennials do not enjoy direct sales and prefer indirect sales which makes social media an ideal selling channel. Focus on creating community, sharing great content and connecting with Millennials over directly selling on your social websites. 

6. Never spam

Millennials are technology savvy and they are often inundated with content. They are looking to connect with brands authentically and receive great content in return from them. If you are marketing to Millennials, never spam them with too many emails, phone calls or direct messages. Remember, Millennials prefer indirect sales and being too pushy will turn them off.

7. Talk directly to them

You need to speak Millennial language to connect to them. Those in this demographic are more likely to connect when they hear or read words that come from their peers. These messages can warrant comfort and trust. Listen to how Millennials speak, the language and phrases they use and replicate it in your marketing efforts. 

The buying power of Millennials is huge. The demographic is only beginning to earn more money and have a higher disposal income as the years go by. Start connecting with your Millennial customers with these tips and you could have an entire new set of fans.

New business networking platform provides free leads to cleaning companies and independent contractors

Who Hires Cleaners On OjaMove?

The way people hire service providers have changed drastically thanks to the invention of the internet. Today many consumers search for and hire cleaners online
OjaMove.com is a convenient platform that connects cleaning businesses with local customers. Our users are people looking for cleaners that offer customizable and personalized cleaning services. Here’s a look at some of the groups of people who hire cleaners on our website.


The millennial generation consists of those who were born between 1980 and 2000. This demographic is extremely tech savvy and grew up using the internet. They are comfortable searching for information online and seeking out service providers. Today this generation are young professionals. They are beginning to earn expendable income and value convenience.

Additionally, millennials want to feel connected to the businesses they work with. OjaMove has a direct messaging platform so that customers can direct message and connect with businesses before they hire them.


Women make up a large part of the OjaMove.com demographic. Women are more likely to make household purchase decisions than men which means they are typically searching for services that serve the whole home, such as cleaners.

Also, women are more likely to trust online recommendations and reviews, as well as the reviews of their friends and family. Since OjaMove.com is a review site, many women use it to read reviews about service providers before they reach out to connect with them.

People who have special cleaning needs

Many OjaMove.com users are looking for cleaning companies that are flexible and customizable. They do not want a blanket, one-size-fits-all company. Instead they are looking for specialists and need specific cleaning. OjaMove.com is the perfect marketing platform if you have a niche cleaning company or offer specifics services like deep cleaning or specialty furniture or commercial cleaning.

People who like to see where the money is going

OjaMove.com is for smart shoppers. Cleaners on OjaMove.com have the most customizable packages on the internet and this appeals to our users. OjaMove.com users are smart with their money and they are looking for convenient and transparent cleaning services. OjaMove users want to see exactly where their money is going and what service you are providing. They value transparency and easy to understand bills above all else!

If your cleaning service matches with any of these individuals, then OjaMove.com is the perfect place for you! It’s easy to get started on OjaMove.com. Your service provider profile is free and your profile is completely customizable. Sign up, update your profile and get started attracting new customers right away!

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