How the most common processes can go awry

I got a call at 4:00 in the am.  

“Beth” was crying on the answering machine and was not at all understandable because she was crying so hard.  When I got into the office at 7:00 I called her – only to hear her start the water works again.  

I finally got her calmed down to hear this: “One of your Players took a man-sized pooh, wrapped it in one of my kitchen towels, and placed it inside the bathroom cabinet.” 

[EasyDNNnewsToken:Left Justify Embed 300 x 250] I was sure I’d misunderstood, but she repeated the story numerous times, always accentuating the man-sized pooh. Of course she told me that it had to be a Player because her husband was out of town and the only other people at her home were her 3 year old daughter and her friends.  Since it was a man-sized pooh, the only logical explanation (really?  logical?) for her was that one of my Players had put it there to get me in trouble.  

She wanted me to take it down and have it DNA tested – she’d put it in her freezer!  After some crazy haggling that I can’t even believe I did, I finally agreed to take it down and have it tested (is there really such a thing?) as long as she agreed to pay for all my people – 5 of them to get tested for the match if it turned out that it wasn’t ours.  She wouldn’t agree to that, and we parted ways.  

I have always expected to hear from her again saying she was sorry, but nope.  Would love to meet her little girl; she’d be about 13 today. 

Liz Trotter is founder of American Maid Cleaning as well as an entrepreneur and leadership trainer based in Olympia, Washington. She is also a former ARCSI board member, creator of the Culture Circus employee development system and a charter member of Cleaning For A Reason. For more information, click here