Quick cash flow solutions just might turn into attractive pre-sales for the coming year.

Like most businesses – small and large – you’re experiencing cash flow highs and lows during the holidays. Here are 10 ways to help manage the slumps:

  1. Stay Motivated
  2. Defer Founders’ Compensation temporarily
  3. Offer Annual Discounts to customers who pay for a year’s service in advance
  4. Get a line of credit that you can use “same as cash”
  5. Eliminate unnecessary expenses, though this is better done before you’re cash-strapped
  6. Re-engage customers, especially those you might have lost simply because you didn’t communicate with them often enough
  7. Consolidate vendors where possible – bundling!
  8. Restructure salaries to reduce bases or pay-out commissions after revenue received
  9. Include side projects, or temporary service contracts to get through the hard times
  10. Ask for up front payments or switch to autobilling by credit card rather than having techs pick up a check or cash payment after services are complete.

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