A quick tool for measuring your company’s strength and weaknesses

In concept, running a cleaning company seems like it should be so simple. But as you grow you quickly discover this business is a lot more complex than it appears at first. A successful cleaning company needs to have a long list of services and processes. Just knowing all the things you need to be looking at can be overwhelming. To help, we at Cleaning Business Builders have created a 9-page self-assessment for business owners. It creates a final score between 0 – 50, and lets you know what areas you might need to strengthen. This used to be exclusive to students of our week long business immersion experience, Foundations of Success Jump Start. This year we decided to share this tool with everyone so more people can benefit from it, whether you decide to address the areas of improvement yourself or you decide to join our program to get a Jump Start. To get started, click the button or link below.


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