May is Pregnancy Awareness Month. For women preparing to give life, a toxin-free home is the greatest gift of all to their unborn children.

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May is Pregnancy Awareness Month. For women preparing to give life, a toxin-free home is the greatest gift of all to their unborn children.

A pregnant mothers’ body is a self-sustaining environment at its finest and should be treated with great care through a detoxifying routine. When my friend Sabrina learned she was pregnant with her first child, one of the first things she and her husband Dan, did was to remove all of the harmful cleaning products from their home. When her nesting instincts kicked in, she made sure their house was completely non-toxic for their brand new bundle of joy!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Her OB/GYN told her expectant mothers should take extra care when cleaning the house, as their unborn children can be exposed to all kinds of harmful chemicals found in traditional household cleaners; these can increase the risk of birth defects which include ear infections, diarrhea, neural tube defects, cleft palate, skin and lung irritation, kidney disease, decreased function of the nervous system, and low birth weight.

Pregnant woman can inhale these chemicals, ingest them in food or drink, or, in some cases, absorb them through the skin without realizing how harmful the consequences of cleaning with toxic household cleaners can be.

A Daily Dose of Toxins Can be Deadly

Babies are exposed to toxins in utero; this is cause for concern. Always remember, any harmful chemicals you come into contact with, intentionally or intentionally, pose an immediate danger to your unborn child. This exposure can cause chronic, serious medical conditions in developing fetuses, such as metabolic birth defects and heart birth defects.

Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, teflon all can be found in most homes, but they are not safe for human consumption. BPA can be found in certain plastics, most canned foods and lids of baby jar foods, baby formula and plastic water bottles. Skin care products, laundry detergents and all perfumes contain Phthalates. Cooking on non-stick cookware releases toxins called Perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA), also found in microwave popcorn and takeout food containers. All of these chemicals include hormone disruptor properties or carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).

Hormone disruptors have been shown to cause kidney and liver damage as well as birth defects. Pregnant women should make every effort to give their unborn children a healthy start by avoiding toxic cleaning products all together, now that they are aware of the dangers involved.

A Greener Clean

Control how you clean your home. Make your own natural cleaners using eco-dish soap, water, vinegar, and baking soda; with these toxin-free alternatives, cleaning up will feel less like a chore, knowing your family will breath easier, free from toxic fumes. Better yet, invest in Activeion’s Ionator, which uses only tap water, activating water molecules to clean and sanitize surfaces without leaving any harmful chemicals behind…for a healthy clean you can trust for your baby.

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