Free Download – House Cleaning Industry Benchmarks

It is important for any house cleaning company to have a general understanding of industry benchmarks.   More important, cleaning business owners should understand how their business stacks up to these benchmarks.  Most important is knowing how to use these numbers to improve the performance of your company.  Tom Stewart recently held a webinar sharing how Foundations members use benchmarks to improve the performance of their companies:

You can download the a copy of this spreadsheet by clicking here: CBB Foundations Benchmarks.

How to Register for Foundations 10

Cleaning Business Builders will be offering the Tenth Edition of Foundations on March 9 through 16.  After teaching Foundations for over the last 6 years Liz, Derek and Tom will be shifting their attention to developing training programs for technicians and management.  This will be the last time they will be offering the Foundations Program.   To register or for more details please visit Cleaning Business Builders.