Issue focuses on professionalism in the residential cleaning industry
Merriam-Webster defines professional as follows: 
Pro-fes-sion-al (adj.): having or showing the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.

That quote hangs on a huge poster in the training classroom at Castle Keepers, where our cleaning technicians learn to practice professional cleaning techniques and behavior every morning. Our commitment to performing our work to the highest standards is why Castle Keepers continues to grow in the Lowcountry, and why maid services all over the country look to us as an example. 

The November issue of Cleaning Business Today examines what it means to be a professional in the cleaning industry. Although its articles are aimed at cleaning business owners and manager, and not at the general public, we invite you to peek behind the curtain at our profession. We at Castle Keepers try hard to earn your trust every day, and to provide service that is second to none. Our aim is to be the best cleaning company in America, and to raise the bar for professionalism in our industry as a whole. Click here to read Nov. issue of CBT.

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