Last issue of 2014 addresses business planning for the coming year
In the December 2014 issue of Cleaning Business Today, several articles discuss business planning for 2015. Running any successful business requires thoughtful planning. Contributor Derek Christian notes, however, that “the best plan is an imperfect plan.” Tom Stewart of Castle Keepers goes deep into the numbers of business planning in an article examining the “flatline effect.” Tom explains that “growing your client base is a combination of improving marketing activity and sales conversions, and maintaining strong client retention.” In other words, in order to grow our business, we must not only market to new customers effectively, but just as important, give great service to our existing customers. And a must read for anyone who uses a professional maid service is Eric Roudi’s informative piece “Seven Dirty Secrets about Standard Cleaning Products and Practices.” Number 5 on Eric’s list is the fact that 53% of cleaning products contain lung-harming ingredients. As alarming as that sounds, you’ll be glad to know that Castle Keepers is a nationally recognized leader in chemical-free cleaning. To read these and more articles about home cleaning, click here.