CBT to expand reach with prosumer website brands

Charleston, SC – May 1, 2015

Cleaning Business Today, a division of Supreme Mullet Media, LLC, has acquired HousekeepingChannel.com and HealthyHouseInstitute.com as part of its brand expansion strategy.

“The key to making and keeping the cleaning industry and related home services relevant is to be the resource consumers and cleaning business owners trust and come back to time and again,” says CBT Publisher Tom Stewart. “Allen Rathey has created trusted resources with the HousekeepingChannel.com and HealthyHouseInstitute.com.”

Where Cleaning Business Today is a premier information and news outlet for growing and established cleaning businesses in the US, HousekeepingChannel.com and HealthyHouseInstitute.com add key business startup and green cleaning and lifestyle resources to a growing body of knowledge. In addition, the two resources are respectable online knowledge centers providing credible alternatives to commercially operated home and lifestyle websites with mobile applications that reach consumers.

“The expanded industry and consumer reach of these sites was a key factor in our acquisition of the assets,” explains CBT Publisher Derek Christian. “Now we are in a position to put the businesses and contractors in our own industry right in front of consumers with content and to support the development of their online presence with backlinks that Google respects as coming from a reputable website.”

For 11 years, Allen Rathey has spearheaded the most successful development of consumer-facing online resources from within the cleaning industry through the HousekeepingChannel.com and HealthyHouseInstitute.com, among others. Rathey intends to continue his work as a subject-matter expert in the cleaning, janitorial and indoor environments industries as he turns his entrepreneurial talents to related areas.

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