sponsoredCBT’s series of Product Reviews continues this month as Derek Christian examines the ever-popular melamine sponge, most commonly known as the P&G’s Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®. In this video review, Derek takes on the question of whether you can get the same quality in the product if you order in bulk from a different manufacturer, namely Sponge Outlet. As it turns out, not all manufacturers are the same. P&G and Sponge Outlet use the exact same material, a high-quality melamine from BASF called Basotect. Knock-off brands made in China and available on the internet are often made using the carcinogen formaldehyde, which can be dangerous.

In the video below, Derek takes a close look at two products from Sponge Outlet, the Eraser Sponge and the Sandwich Eraser Sponge. As a cleaning business owner, he has realized substantial savings in the past by ordering from SpongeOutlet.com in quantity. In the video below, Derek explains:

  • How he has dealt with clients on specific uses for these sponges
  • A technique he has used to leverage them in marketing
  • And a discount code for Cleaning Business Today readers to get an extra 5% off

Derek mentioned in the video how he includes eraser sponges in a door hanger as a way of marketing to new clients. A sample door hanger graphic can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

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