How to promote your cleaning business without a website

You can promote your cleaning business online without a website by using; an ENTIRELY FREE social networking site for cleaning businesses.

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Foundations RideAlong, part 2: delegating authority to your staff

Part 2 in our Foundations RideAlong series gives another glimpse into the six months of coaching included in the Foundations of Success program. In this session I discuss with Julie Vincent how to set up a system for delegating various levels of authority to her staff.

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Foundations RideAlong, part 1

Julie Vincent and Katie Postema of Coastal Clean in SW Michigan were among 17 cleaning business owners who attended Foundations of Success earlier this year in Charleston, SC. In this Foundations Ride Along segment, we give you a glimpse into the six months of follow up coaching that each Foundations alumnus gets as part of the program.

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Bona’s abrasion products cut prep time in half

For a busy gym floor, downtime can be a massive inconvenience. Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD), the fifth-largest school district in California, like so many districts across the nation, was seeking a solution to minimize downtime and get the community back in its facilities faster.

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How to be faster and more effective: the ProVac FS 6 from ProTeam

The ProVac® backpack vacuum from ProTeam® improves speed and effectiveness when cleaning hard floors, carpet, and beyond the floor. In this business, wherever you can save time, you can improve your bottom line. Maybe you’ll apply the time saved to reducing labor costs. Maybe you’ll use it to improve your service and retain [...]

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ARCSI leadership event to feature top business speakers

2018 ISSA Leadership Summit, April, 19-21, brings in major talent with messages to turbocharge your CEO skills Update: This event has already taken place. The most important job in your company is yours, the CEO.  We have a rare opportunity in April to dedicate two days to hear from three professional speakers who work with [...]

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Four tips for getting the most out of the ProVac backpack vacuum

How to get the maximum versatility and performance from the ProVac The ProTeam® ProVac® FS 6 backpack vacuum with Commercial Power Nozzle is still relatively new to the residential cleaning world. As more companies implement the backpack vacuum, here are four tips to get the maximum versatility and performance from the ProVac. 1. Adjust the [...]

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Buffalo NY cleaning business owner wins in Las Vegas without placing a bet

Diva4Maid wins ProVac FS 6 from ProTeam in drawing at ARCSI loungeTuesday Sept. 12, 2017 in a Facebook Live Stream by Cleaning Business Today's, publisher Tom Stewart drew the winning entry in this year's ProTeam ARCSI Sweepstakes. Latasha Cunningham of Diva4Maid in Buffalo, NY is the new owner of a ProVac FS 6 with Power [...]

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