Indoor air quality (IAQ) can significantly impact our health. Air pollutants are 2 to 5 times more concentrated indoors than outdoors. And these pollutants contribute to approximately 13.8 million school days and 14.2 million workdays missed annually due to asthma. Fortunately, commercial cleaning companies can dramatically improve IAQ with one decision — the vacuums they choose to use.

Two of the most important factors to consider in selecting a vacuum are suction and filtration.

Many backpack vacuums rely on powerful suction for picking up debris instead of a beater bar like traditional, upright vacuums. With uprights, beater bars spin to help with pickup but can sometimes reintroduce particles into the environment. Data shows that backpack vacuums are 43% more efficient than uprights.

Once collected, it’s critical to keep dirt and debris where they belong — inside the vacuum. This requires an advanced filtration system. The ProTeamâ ProLevel Filtration® system is a great example.

This particular system has four different levels of filtration for increasingly smaller particles:

  • Intercept Microâ Filter
  • Micro Cloth Filter
  • Dome Filter
  • Post-motor HEPA Media Filter

With powerful suction and filtration, backpack vacuums are the perfect tool for improving IAQ. ProTeam backpacks, for example, are up to 99.9% effective at capturing and containing particles .5 microns or larger. This includes particles as small as bacteria, insecticide dust and pet dander.

ProLevel Filtration is one of many features of ProTeam’s new GoFitÔ Series. With GoFit, ProTeam has also simplified filtration management. Users can open the single die-cast aluminum filter latch with one hand. And the post-motor HEPA Media filter doors open at the push of a button.

ProTeam even has a GoFit PLUS model that includes a filter change and a clog indicator on the switch box.


The new GoFit from ProTeam is the latest in its lineup of commercial backpack vacuums that improve indoor air quality. To learn more or to schedule a demo, visit


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