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HomeAdvisor parent company IAC agrees to to buy Angie’s List by end of 2017

Angie’s List stock surges on news of merger with HomeAdvisor; new company to be called ANGI Homeservices Inc. HomeAdvisor and its biggest rival, Angie’s List, announced Monday that the two companies will partner up as a new company, ANGI Homeservices Inc., by the end of 2017. Golden, CO based IAC, parent company to HomeAdvisor [...]

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Taking your Facebook advertising to the next level with Ad Manager

Move beyond boosted posts and tap into the power of Facebook Ad Manager. Consumers are now spending 2/3 of their screen time on their mobile devices. The vast majority of this time is on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. To be able to sell a consumer we have to reach them where [...]

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2017 ISSA Innovation Award Program open for submissions

Program features the latest products and services from top manufacturers and suppliers throughout the cleaning industry. ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, is pleased to announce that the ISSA Innovation Award Program is now accepting entries for 2017. Now in its 11th year, the program serves as a platform for exhibitors to launch their product [...]

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Roomba market set for growth

Changing lifestyles, trend toward automated cleaning, and health concerns help fuel growth of the Roomba market. Business analysts are forecasting a surging market for robotic vacuum cleaners like Roomba over the next five years with an annual growth rate of 12% in the US. Leading manufacturers are vying for market share with innovations such [...]

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Helpling expands home services model

Rocket Internet's on-demand maid service to include painting, carpet, window cleaning, and more The German on-demand house cleaning service Helpling has announced its expansion into a variety of home services, including painting, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and furniture assembly, with more services to come. The platform has partnered with over 150 companies so far. [...]

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Is this the end for Handy?

3-month minimum contract marks a radical departure from startup's previous policy.Handy, which was one of the innovators of the "on demand" cleaning service stopped taking one time cleaning appointments in 2016.  Today we noticed an even bigger change, as of 1/11/2017 Handy requires that consumers agree to a minimum term of 3 months of cleaning [...]

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Handy proposes law that could solve its legal difficulties

On-demand cleaning service would contribute “portable benefits” to its contractors. News outlets have recently reported that on-demand cleaning startup Handy has had a hand in crafting legislation in New York that would allow it to set aside 2.5% of each transaction for “portable benefits” for its independent contractors, without the company being classified as [...]

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How Google Home will help customers find your business

Derek Christian demonstrates Google Home, the super-addictive little device that outsold TVs last Christmas. Adapting your marketing to the latest technology can be a challenge. Here's Derek Christian with a quick tour of Google Home, the new device that has the potential to radically change how consumers find service companies. Derek Christian is Co-publisher [...]

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A tech startup manager learns what it’s like to be a cleaner

Two months of scrubbing toilets brings a deep appreciation for the demands of professional house cleaners Country manager for ServisHero.com Singapore, Daniel Thong, spent two months learning about the home cleaning industry in the most practical way possible--by cleaning. In doing so he gained a whole new respect for the hard work and professionalism [...]

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Handy to turn a profit in 2017

Home services startup Handy sets profitability as priority over growth If you missed it, there was an interesting article out in Inc. Magazine about Handy. With venture capital harder to come by, founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua say they are going to be profitable very soon and that the company is built to [...]

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