Show-and-tell isn’t just for Kindergarten. Put your community ties on display and into action.
One of the most under-utilized marketing strategies by any company is highlighting its community service efforts. And with the continued growth of cleaning franchises and national cleaning referral services, a traditional small cleaning business can really maximize that “locally owned and operated” point of differentiation by partnering with local and national community-focused organizations.

The cleaning industry is particularly lucky to have a number of organizations around the US and Canada to make donating cleaning services easy: 

Cleaning for a Reason (United States) 
Cleaning for Cancer Patients (Canada) 
Cleaning for Heroes (United States) 
ComforTree (NJ) 
Cleaning Angels USA (NY & DE) 

Many business owners are finding that their affiliation with a local charity or cleaning-related charity helps their brand reputation, especially for those cleaning companies highlighting their local connections. In addition to the initial press releases when a cleaning company partners with a charity, there are a number of ways to incorporate the affiliation and even small donations into more common elements of your marketing and customer service plans.

American Maid owner Liz Trotter offers both staff and clients a way to join efforts to “Give Back Through Community Outreach.” She rotates through different local and national organizations and invites clients to become involved in her company’s efforts each month.

Joe Walsh of Green Clean Maine and Gemma Beylouny of Rejoice Maids both encourage community participation by making a donation to a client’s charity of choice when the client posts a review on one of four popular review sites. Click the thumbnail images to enlarge.

For small businesses – cleaning or other home services – making that “locally owned and operated” point of differentiation is a tough one to display. Highlighting your community outreach spirit and activities through your business is a great way to show the trust your current clients have in you and to catch the attention of those who are looking for your services.

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