Blog advises consumers to consider performance, price, availability, regulatory requirements, and environmental impact.

In a new blog post on Castle Keepers House Cleaning, Janice Stewart asks the question, “What is green cleaning?” Her answer gives consumers insight into what it takes for a company to create an authentic green cleaning process. Stewart examines environmentally preferable products, third-party certifications, green equipment, and more. She urges consumers to “be especially careful in interpreting vague or generic claims such as “‘environmentally friendly,’ ‘green,’ or ‘natural.'” So for cleaning business owners and managers, the readers of Cleaning Business Today, the question is, “Is your cleaning service really green?”

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Janice Stewart is owner of Castle Keepers House Cleaning and the driving force behind development of the Modern Cleaning approach. Janice brings her scientific and healthcare background to inform the development of effective, safe, and healthy cleaning methods.

Cleaning Business Today is a publication of Tom Stewart and Derek Christian, who also partner in Castle Keepers House Cleaning, one of the fastest growing professional house cleaning services in the US.

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