Welcome to the premier issue of Cleaning Business Today. As you might have sensed, there’s something different about our editorial mission here at CBT. We’re a digital magazine created to give you an entirely unique perspective on the cleaning industry.
A Tour of Cleaning Business TodayCleaning Business Today is published by professionals who currently own and operate successful and growing cleaning businesses. Their mission is to create a magazine for business people who happen to run cleaning companies. This magazine has been designed and formatted specifically for busy, time-strapped professionals. You won’t find fluff here; only actionable information that can help to improve your business, your life and your bottom line. In other words, we’re taking a holistic approach with a laser sharp focus. With this in mind, we’ll explore a wide range of topics – everything from finance, leadership, sales and business to product innovations, work/life balance and the science of cleaning. Take a moment to learn about Cleaning Business Today’s unique editorial content and understand our ambitious vision to empower our readers and the entire cleaning industry. 

Each month, CBT magazine will present in-depth features related to a monthly theme.  For example, this month’s theme is the future of the industry and next month’s is marketing. These heavily reported articles will do the research you don’t have time to do and reference the experts who can provide authoritative insights. In addition, every issue of CBT will include a wide variety of regular features and columns from a diverse group of contributors from both within and outside of the cleaning profession. 

We’ll open every issue with CBT Insider, an eclectic collection of short news and calendar items as well as interesting and fun facts about the cleaning industry. We promise this section will always be worth a browse as you’re sure to discover surprising kernels of useful information here.
In Success Stories, CBT interviews business owners who have achieved success in the cleaning industry. You’ll find out how they got their start, grew their businesses and ultimately achieved their dreams. What’s fascinating about these stories is how they reveal the many definitions of success and diverse paths to achieving one’s life goals.

Scan is the business of cleaning visualized.  Here you’ll find creatively constructed and information-packed infographics, surveys and survey results. Designed to give you maximum information with the minimum investment of time, this regular feature will enable you to scan, gather and share useful facts and data in a matter of seconds.

Take a Deep Dive with CBT when we go in-depth to help real business owners solve real problems. After we tell you the details of their story, we ask three experts to weigh in on different aspects of the issue.  Have a problem you’d like us to consider?  Share your dilemma or story with us. Send it to: mail@cleaningbusinesstoday.com.

Expert Advice is a Q&A format where we’ll gather expert answers to reader questions about both the business and science of cleaning. Want to submit a question? You can find CBT on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Exit Strategy gives business owners a look at the fundamentals of selling a business. We’ll lift the shade on this often misunderstood part of a company’s life cycle as we share the basics of how buyers and sellers assess each other’s positions and deals are made. 

As a professional, it’s always important to keep an eye on developments as they relate to the act of cleaning. Cleaner’s Corner will provide a close-up look at the latest innovations and what they mean to all the stakeholders – business owners, cleaning technicians and clients. 

Industry Intelligence is where the cleaning industry’s trade associations share their news and commentary.

CBT is excited to introduce Last Word by the iconic Don Aslett. He’ll make you smile and reflect upon the importance of the job you do each day. He’s an inspiration and we’re honored to have him write this regular column. 
Startups will inspire, educate and provide actionable information about how to grow your business in those early, exciting and sometimes challenging first years.

The Big Picture asks us all to pull back and look at our lives as a whole. Running a successful business is a lot like running a marathon. In order to sustain maximum performance over the long haul, you have to take care of yourself.

Ops & Finance is a place to learn new strategies, processes and techniques that can take your business to the next level. A well-managed business runs like a well-oiled machine. This column is where our contributors teach you how to tune up yours.

Leadership comes in many forms. This column will explore the lessons learned when real-life circumstances require a professional to lead. There are many nuances to true leadership, and our contributors will explore them all.

Sales, marketing, branding, public relations and customer acquisition are among the topics that will be covered in our monthly Sales & Marketing column. You’ll get information, tools and advice from professionals on the bleeding-edge. 

Everything from the latest gadgets, software, apps and cleaning tools will be explored in our Innovations column. We’ll show you how real companies are using the latest innovations to improve and grow their businesses. 

Janitor’s Closet is designed specifically with the commercial cleaning professional in mind. Though most of the columns and articles in CBT are meant to benefit owners of both residential and commercial cleaning companies, there are topics particular to the commercial sector that deserve attention. This column is devoted to those issues.

Cleaning Business Today is designed to equip all the stakeholders in the cleaning industry – from owners to technicians, from commercial to residential – with the knowledge they need to be successful in today’s competitive cleaning marketplace. 

The pages of CBT are meant to get you thinking and help you reach ever-higher levels of success. At CBT, we want to be more than just articles in a magazine. We want to inspire ongoing social conversations about the topics that matter most to you, the cleaning professional. We’ll be inviting you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks to continue the discussion, answer your questions and get your feedback. As we evolve, we’ll learn what subjects and viewpoints are resonating with you and we’ll continually strive to address your needs.