We’ve come a long way in six short years. What began as an e-zine with flip pages has grown into a multi-media news outlet for the cleaning industry, delivering the news you need to succeed through Cleaning Business Today’s social media channels, resource-rich web library and email newsletter.

Our evolution continues but our purpose at Cleaning Business Today remains constant – to inform, engage and inspire the professionals that drive our industry.


The cleaning industry is growing and changing more rapidly than ever – the technology that runs our services, the spaces and surfaces we clean, the business environment in which we operate.

For six years Cleaning Business Today has helped you adapt to the dynamic forces in our industry by adapting ourselves. Fast forward to February, when we asked our subscribers about your preferences in topics, channels and frequency of information coming from Cleaning Business Today.

As we celebrate our six years in service to our industry we respond to your feedback by launching these SIX exciting new features.


Now it’s even easier to engage with our content and interact with each other, too, as we examine the thought leadership, technology and product innovations that drive the cleaning industry forward.

Daily engagement videos will focus on everything but the cleaning – especially employee-related topics – and can be accessed via our website. This bonus content is aimed at managing your business.

Facebook private group for peer-to-peer interaction and problem solving. Share, learn, collaborate and celebrate with like-minded business owners sharing the same challenges and triumphs.

Bi-weekly newsletter format with new, original content pushed out during the first week of the month followed in the third week by a digest format sharing related content from our archives and other news sources.

Deep editorial calendar addresses issues in each of four categories every month: business management, customers, employees and service delivery.

Actionable content saves you time, with more turn-key material you can apply directly to your business.

New staff to advance our mission – raising public perceptions of the cleaning industry by fostering a culture of excellence in technical expertise, customer and employee relations and business management.

Editor: Derek Christian                                

Director of Marketing:  Ernie Hartong

Contributors: Cloud Conrad, David Kiser, Tom Stewart, Liz Trotter and guests


Derek Christian: Who better to decide what news and information will have the greatest impact on your cleaning business than a cleaning business owner? Derek owned a multi-million dollar residential cleaning service he started in Cincinnati after over a decade at Proctor & Gamble working on household cleaning products. Derek is a former officer of ARCSI, co-founded Cleaning Business Builders, co-authored the House Cleaning Technician certification training manual and exam – all in addition to co-founding Cleaning Business Today.

Ernie Hartong: For most of his professional career he’s worked with small businesses and associations to help them grow and thrive, and in his role as Executive Director of ARCSI Ernie placed high emphasis on educational value of membership. Now, as founder of EJH Consulting Ernie can apply his comprehensive knowledge of the cleaning business to supporting the educational value of a subscription to Cleaning Business Today. EJH Consulting is also working with The Gift of Clean, a universal gift card tailor made for the cleaning industry.

Cleaning Business Today dedicates our six years of success to our contributors, our subscribers and our advertisers. Our commitment to your success has never been stronger.