Cleaning with a pressure washer has been a new and upcoming way of cleaning. It can be done by whoever would like to clean their houses, which makes it much more accessible. Pressure washing can do wonders for the outside of your home and even on driveways, saving you money and even protecting your family’s health. Initially, it may seem like just another cleaning tool, but it will do so much more in the years to come for your house and neighborhood. 

More often than not, pressure washing is done by City Wide BC cleaning professionals if the task is daunting or too much to handle by yourself. Since pressure washing can be a bit complicated with its use of a powerful tool, it might take you some time to familiarize yourself with how it works so hiring a professional service might save you more time, money, and effort in the long run. 

That said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why pressure washing is the way to go for the beauty of your home. 

  1. Prevents Long-Term Damage To Your House’s Exterior

Things like mildew or mold may not show up when we give our houses a simple inspection. However, they can be more apparent during winter seasons and rainy days because of the moisture buildup in the air. Mold can cause damage to cement and paint, which can result in permanent damage when they aren’t taken care of immediately. Mold can also have harmful side effects to the health of the people inside your home. 

You may think that a simple rainstorm could wash away the grime on your home, but it’s actually the rain itself that can create the problems. The warm moisture from the rain could be what’s aiding the buildup of grime or algae on the siding. 

Rain also can’t seep into the small cracks and cervices of your house, and while it can move off something soft and light like pollen, it’s not going to wash away mold or mildew that’s growing.

The stream of a pressure washer could get all of that out. Pressure washing is a way to get mold and mildew out of the surface of your home, especially in small, hard-to-reach areas. Apart from staining your property’s surface, mold and mildew can deteriorate the wood of the house if left there for too long. Pressure washing can also get rid of dirt, grime, and even bird feces out from underneath sidings and concrete in a way a simple hose can’t. 

The last thing anyone wants is to pay an excessive amount for something that could’ve been fixed months prior with a simple pressure wash. Pressure washing gives the homeowner some measure of control to assure the well-being of their home. To make sure you’re hiring the right pressure washing company, check out Yelp so you’ll come to an informed decision. 

  1. Keep Your Family Healthy

As mentioned, mold, dirt, and dust can cause health issues for the people inside the home. Mold has the ability to create breathing problems, a runny nose, watery eyes, and even rash problems on certain people. If mold is able to get inside, it could be very dangerous for the people living inside the home. 

Aside from the health of the people living in house, this could also affect the surroundings of the house itself. Mold is a growable substance and is able to get inside as long as it has a perfect growing area. This could then cause more damage and health issues. The outside of the house isn’t something that’s thought to be a potential health hazard, but when something can accumulate water and grow bacteria on the wood, it must be cleaned and taken care of immediately.

Aside from mold, pollen is a huge issue for a lot of people with allergies to it, especially during the summer. Pressure washing would be a huge help to keep the pollen off the exterior of the house and being blown inside by the wind. 

The health of your family in and out of the house should be the top priority. If there is an easy fix for that, such as using a pressure washer, it makes sense that that should be the next thing on the to-do list for the weekend. 

  1. It Will Save You Money Down The Road

As with most things in life, like laundry or washing the dishes, it saves you a whole lot of trouble later on if you finish them early. The same goes for pressure washing the outside of your house. It might not seem like a big deal or anything to fuss about, but it can be the difference between an afternoon of cleaning or paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in siding repair. 

Dirt and grime build up very quickly if they’re ignored for long periods and can cause major issues with the structure of the outside of a house. It can create stains and even dry rot. Keeping the cleanliness of the house’s exterior can also keep the property’s value up in the end.

Power washing. House wall vinyl siding cleaning with high pressure water jet.

Pressure washing can also clean driveways, as well as pools of dirt, weeds, and algae. That in itself is going to save you money instead of getting pool cleaners, or hosing down a driveway with a weed killer. The act of cleaning a pool after a long winter can be a very daunting one, but after draining the water, a simple run through with a pressure washer would be able to get the algae and other unwanted grime off of the bottom of the pool. This could save a lot of time and money without having to use a pool vacuum or hiring a company to do it for you.

  1. Get A More Cost-Effective Solution When Painting

Aside from repairs, pressure washing can also save you money when it comes to painting. Painting or changing the siding of a house can be a very pricey home renovation, so to have one of those steps already taken care of would be a huge relief. 

Pressure washing can also act like a primer in case you’re planning on repainting. It will clean all the dirt and grime off the siding and create a smooth surface for the new paint to settle on. This can replace the annoying step of priming the outside of the house. Priming could add hundreds of dollars on to an already expensive plan, but with the use of a pressure washer, you could skip right to painting the exterior. 

Even if you’re not planning on painting the house a new color, a good pressure washing job can make the current coat of paint look brand new. When a year’s worth of dirt starts to cover a house’s siding, it’s easy to forget what the real color may look like. With pressure washing, you could practically have a brand-new house afterwards. 

  1. Enhance The House’s Curb Appeal And Property Value

The idea of a property’s curb appeal is something that comes across homeowners’ minds very often, especially if they live in a suburban area. Keeping the house looking good and aesthetically pleasing compared to the rest of the houses in the neighborhood is something that’s sought after nowadays. 

After a year of battling with the weather and the elements, a house will take a huge pounding. Similar to the idea of spring cleaning the inside of a house, it’s also important to deep clean the outside as well. It’s astonishing to see what a year of dirt, pollen, grime, and pollution could do to a house’s exterior but when you pressure wash all that away, you can see a huge difference—almost as if you have a brand-new house afterwards. 

On top of enhancing your house’s curb appeal, keeping the outside neat and tidy will increase the value of the property in the long run. The paint will be brighter and the house will look more welcoming. 

If the day ever comes that you wish to sell the house, you would want to make sure nothing had been building up on the walls over the years. That’s why a good yearly pressure washing will keep the house attractive. Whether it be the outside siding, the driveway, or the pool in the back of the house, a good yearly pressure washing will keep them clean for the day you may want to sell. And even if that day doesn’t come, the house can be well kept over the next few years. 

  1. Pressure Washing Is An Environmentally-Friendly Option

Pressure washing is a more eco-friendly approach compared to other chemically-filled options for cleaning a property. Most pressure washer companies have switched to using soaps and detergents that won’t damage the environment and won’t harm the other things or even animals surrounding the property. Pressure washers can also just be plain water as well. 

Moreover, these machines also don’t use up more water than they need to. With the high velocity of the water, that means less water is actually being shot out from the nozzle, consuming less water but creates a stronger stream, which is a win-win for both the environment and the homeowner. It’s roughly 50 times stronger than a day-to-day garden hose. That being said, since it has more force, and is able to clean more efficiently, it uses less energy and electricity. A pressure washer doesn’t have to be switched on for long, thus saving water and electricity in the end.

In addition, if detergent is needed to clean an area, the one often used is biodegradable compared to those most people use daily, which are toxic and may contain abrasive chemicals. This could help assure you that the paint on your house stays in its perfect quality and doesn’t somehow get worse or cracked from pressure washing. 

The use of biodegradable detergent when cleaning outside also protects the plant and animal life surrounding the house and neighborhood. The run off of the water isn’t going to harm the environment, as it would with a normal toxic cleaner. This way, you don’t have to worry about the plants and flowers in your garden, as well as your pets, if you have any. You also don’t have to worry about damaging any of your neighbor’s property in case some of the detergent gets into their lawn. 

With pressure washing, you’re also helping the environment by cleaning your house and not replace parts of it. For instance, replacing the sidings of your house could lead to the old materials being dumped in landfills.

Final Takeaway

While a pressure washer looks like a normal hose or water cleaner, it can do so much more. Not only can a pressure washer save both the inside and outside of your house, but it can also boost your property’s value, not to mention keep your family safe from developing respiratory illnesses. 

Moreover, using a pressure washer can also save you money in the long run in terms of water and electricity usage, as well as when it comes to painting or repainting the exteriors of your house. With a pressure washer, you can skip priming your siding and go straight to painting, saving you time, money, and effort. It also prevents your house from being damaged, thus increasing its lifespan thanks to regular cleaning and maintenance offered by pressure washers. 

Cleaning and tidying up can be quite annoying and tedious until you actually have to do it, but once it’s done, it could show a huge difference in the area surrounding the house, as well as the house itself. If you’re thinking about whether to get a pressure washer or hire a professional service to do the cleaning for you, it’s best to first weigh the pros and cons. Often, cleaning a house may require you to target hard-to-reach places so hiring a professional pressure washing company might be the best option since they know how to approach these areas, as well as keep safe while doing so.